Constitution & Cocktails

Constitution & Cocktails

Thank you to all who attended and supported our fundraiser, Constitution & Cocktails. Stay tuned for next year! We hope you enjoy the following photos from the event:

King Manor Museum, in partnership with the Latino Lawyers Association of Queens County & the American Institute of Architects Queens Chapter, invites you to attend Constitution & Cocktails, a fundraiser to celebrate the 229th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution & the legacy of framer & signer Rufus King.


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About King Manor Museum

King Manor Museum was the home of the politically-active and service-minded King Family from 1805 until 1896.  A lawyer by training, Rufus King (1755-1827) was a distinguished figure in this nation’s early history.  As a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1787, 32-year-old King served alongside Alexander Hamilton, Gouvernor Morris, James Madison, and William Johnson on the Committee of Style and Arrangement writing the nation’s founding document.  King was well-known in his times for his strong stance against slavery, having written the plank in the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 preventing slavery from expanding beyond the original 13 states.  The apex of King’s political career was his dramatic speeches to the Senate opposing the Missouri Compromise, speeches which, John Quincy Adams wrote, had slave-holders “seized with cramps.”

His eldest son John Alsop King, who inherited the house, proudly continued his father’s stance while in Congress during the Compromise of 1850 debates and as Governor of New York when he worked to rescue free citizens who had been kidnapped and sold into slavery.  John’s daughter Cornelia was the last family member to live here.

Opened in 1900 as a museum, King Manor welcomes over 8,000 visitors a year, including over 4,000 students and their teachers.  The King Manor Association operates this historic house museum, one of 23 historic properties owned by New York City and administered by the Department of Parks and Recreation in partnership with the Historic House Trust of New York City.  King Park, King Manor, and much of the house’s interior are designate New York City Landmarks.

About the Latino Lawyers Association of Queens County

Latino Lawyers Association of Queens County was founded in 1997 to promote the common interest in the legal profession; to advance the opportunities that exist for Latino lawyers, judges, law professors and law students; and to confront issues faced by the Latino community.

About the American Institute of Architects Queens Chapter

The American Institute of Architects Queens Chapter advances its shared values of Community, Knowledge and Advocacy, to all its members that strive to make the world a better place for everyone to live, work and play.