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School Programs

Programs at King Manor are a great way to introduce a topic to your class, engage in deeper discussion of a topic you are already covering in school, or wrap up a unit. But just as each student we teach is unique, so are your curriculums. Each of King Manor’s basic programs can be tailored to fit your school’s curriculum better such as adjusting for student learning needs, background knowledge, and special areas of study. Teachers last year requested special themes to be covered during the tour including 19th century farming, early abolitionism, decorative arts, and post-Revolution America.

Almost any tour at King Manor can be modified to engage and interest learners of all ages and abilities, from little ones to higher education! Our grade levels are only suggested minimums; we are happy to work with you to find the best fit and subject matter for your students. A visit to King Manor also meets many NYS and Common Core Learning Standards, including Social Studies 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7, ELA 1 and 3, and Arts 2 and 4.


All programs are approximately two (2) hours long, including a guided tour with an educator and an activity module. Most programs begin at 10:30am.


King Manor can accommodate up to sixty (60) students per day, not including teachers and adult chaperones. You may bring as many adults as you like, and all teachers and chaperones visit free of charge!


We are introducing a new streamlined payment system for the 2019-20 school year to help make your lives easier and allow you to use DOE purchase orders. King Manor accepts all forms of payment including cash, checks, purchase orders, and credit card payments. The following prices are per class (up to a maximum of 32 students per class) and include a tour and an activity:

10 students and under: $50

11-15 students: $90

16-24 students: $150

25+ students: $200

Deposit Policy

A $50 deposit on your total booking cost must be made fourteen (14) days prior to your booking date, with the remainder of your balance due on the day of your visit. Deposits are non-refundable. If your total booking cost is $50 or less, you will pay the full amount of your trip cost up front.

Deposits may be transferred to a new trip date with no penalty up to two (2) business days after booking your tour. All deposit transfers after this period will be subject to a $10 transfer fee per transaction.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can be made up to seven (7) days prior to your date of visit. All cancellations or no-shows after this period will be subject to a 75% fee on the remaining balance of your booking cost.

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Pre-Visit Materials (Grades 1-5)

Teachers of grades 1-5 may choose to use these optional activities to prepare their students to visit King Manor. Enjoy!

Grades 1-3

Grades 4-5

Choose Your Tour

Life at King Manor (Grades 1-5)
In this highly interactive and hands-on tour, students will learn about King Manor and the surrounding village of Jamaica as it was in the early 1800s. Engaging with historic objects, your class will discover the stories of the family and workers who lived at our historic site, comparing their every day lives to our own and thinking critically about the 19th century American world. Topics covered may include 19th century agriculture, technology, etiquette, social concepts, and material culture. Touch objects may be included at the museum staff’s discretion.
Discovering Rufus King (Grades 4-5, 6+)
The name ‘Rufus King’ is not often a familiar one, yet his life and work offer insight into the early days of American government, culture, and development during and after the American Revolution. What challenges did our new United States face? How did this inform the way people lived their lives in 19th century America? Using our historic site, touch objects, and stories from the King family and their employees, your students will dive into themes like the development of the new American Republic, the US Constitution, and early opposition to slavery.
The American Revolution in New York (Grades 4-5, 6+)
Take your students beyond the Boston Tea Party and Bunker Hill with this site-specific, engaging program. What was it like to live in New York and Long Island during the American Revolution? What was at stake for the ordinary people caught up in the middle? Students will take on the role of a merchant, tradesperson, or yeoman farmer living in Jamaica, Queens in 1775, using our historic site and King Manor’s collections to decide: Patriot, Loyalist, or neither?  Discover how people in New York City experienced the war and British occupation, and find out how America changed once the war was over.

Winter Diversions (Grades 1-5)
This program is only available November through mid-January. Includes a special holiday craft, while supplies last. Come learn about 19th century seasonal festivities and how the King family spent cold winter months! This tour includes the Life at King Manor topics with special attention to the winter and holiday traditions, skills, and everyday lives of people living and working at King Manor. Make a special scented orange ornament (called a pomander) to take home!

Custom College Visits (Undergraduate & Graduate)
Take your college class off site for a session! Design history, decorative arts, architecture, Early American history and government, slavery and abolitionism, urbanism, foodways, transportation history, sustainable agriculture, or fashion history and design, are just some of the topics we can talk about! Evening classes may be accommodated upon special request, depending on availability.

Choose Your Activity

Quills and Ink (Grades 3+)
Let students try history for themselves in this hands-on learning experience. Students will get to try writing letters using quill pens and ink, just as Rufus King and his family would have in the 18th century.

Design a Tea Cup (Grades 1+)
Design and construct a paper tea cup to take home, using examples of real 19th century cups to inspire creativity! Learn about different designs popular with early Americans and compare yours to our c. 1810 tea set.

Historic Games (All Grades, available seasonally)
Students try their hand at outdoor games played in the 18th and 19th centuries! Play hoop and stick and the game of Graces and learn how the children at King Manor would have enjoyed their afternoon. A favorite with all ages! (Weather permitting; historic crafts will be substituted at the museum’s discretion.)

Revolution Spycraft (Grades 3+)
In the summer of 1778, George Washington ordered Major Benjamin Tallmadge to organize a network to spy on the British during their occupation of New York City, an operation now known as the Culper Spy Ring. Learn about the spy network’s operations right here in Queens!

  • Students grades 3-5 will make their own Caesar Cipher tool like those used by Tallmadge’s agents, then decode a secret message based on the Battle of Long Island.
  • Students grades 6+ will try using the Culper Code, a numerical code used by Tallmadge’s agents that proved an invaluable asset to the patriot cause. Students will encode a letter and discover even more methods for keeping messages from falling into British hands.

Artifact Discovery (Grades 3+)
Students identify and analyze archaeological artifacts from King Manor using context clues and other observations. Through this process, they learn about the roles of archaeologists and curators and how we can learn about the past through material evidence.

Gift Shop

As always, King Manor’s gift shop is open to students who want to take a momento home from their trip. We stock child friendly, educational items usually priced at $6 and below and all proceeds go to support the museum’s public programming and operating costs. Please indicate during booking if you would like your class to be able to visit the shop.

Souvenir Bags
If you still want students to have a memento but don’t have time to visit the shop or simply want to maintain equality among your students, we now offer pre-made gift bags which your students will receive at the end of their program. Gift bags include a pencil, an activity, a postcard, and a free family pass to return to the museum.

Bags are $2.00 per child. Please indicate at booking if you would like to order souvenir bags for your class.

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