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Year-End Giving

Dear Friend,

Each year at King Manor Museum’s Fall Harvest Festival, we encourage folks to experience making apple cider the way it was done in Rufus King’s day – using a hand-cranked machine. Children, and more than a few adults, often exclaim, “Hey, this is hard!” as they grind the apples and press the mash to extract the juice. But this year one little girl, barely tall enough to reach the crank, declared, “It’s not hard; it’s a challenge.”

Her remark reminded me of our work here at King Manor – it too can be a challenge. A challenge to get the word out about a forgotten founding father; to host school trips; to put on family arts and crafts programs, concerts, lectures, festivals, and other events; to care for and research a collection of 1,400 objects; to keep up with the work an old house needs; and to find the funding to make it all happen.

It’s a challenge we are up for. This year more than 5,500 students and their teachers took part in the Museum’s education programs. Nearly 2,500 visitors toured this historic home, including a newly opened period room, while over 2,200 people enjoyed our concerts, lectures, arts and crafts programs, and festivals. Next year, in addition to continuing our busy calendar of events and tours, we plan to develop new school programs and mount an exhibit on the lives of those who worked for the King family here at King Manor.

This year, we have another challenge. A very welcome one that we hope you will help us meet. An anonymous donor has pledged an additional $5,000 if we raise $15,000 by January 1, 2018. Please help King Manor start the New Year right!

You can do your part today by clicking the donate button to use Paypal or credit card. Prefer to help us out over the phone? Please call 718-206-0545X12 with a credit card. Checks can be mailed to 90-04 161st St. Suite 704. Jamaica, NY 11432.

All the best,
Nadezhda Williams Allen
Executive Director

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